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The Junior Packers are proud to be a participant in the Heads Up Program in partnership with USA Football and the NFL.  

The safety of our young athletes is paramount, and all coaches are Head's up and USA football certified


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The Junior Packers are a proud participant with USA Football for coach training, coaching tools, and player development.  Player safety comes first and foremost for all Junior Packer athletes, and we are proud to be affiliated with the Heads Up program in cooperation USA Football and the NFL.  

The state of Nebraska passed a law in 2012 requiring all youth head football coaches to take a concussion awareness class.  All Junior Packer coaches are asked to complete the state sponsored course, and in addition, our organization requires all coaches to be USA Football certified at their appropriate age group.  

With concussions being more prominent in the sport, all parents are wise to be concerned with the safety of their student athlete.  That is why we are proud to be a part of this groundbreaking program to ensure that all of our coaches are trained on effective equipment sizing, and teaching fundamentals the right way.

The Heads Up program has a number of benefits for our coaches, parents and athletes.  A player safety coach has been trained with USA football to embrace the program and become an effective trainer on the program and it's merits.  

One of the main attributes of this program, and the ideal from which it gains it's name, is to teach our players to tackle with their heads up.  Most head related injuries occur when the athlete is performing his role with the wrong technique or position.  USA football's Head's up program will provide a number of tools to help teach proper position more effectively.


Visit USA football, or do a google search on Heads up football for more information, or feel free to reach out to Michael or Walt with the Junior Packers Organization.


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